Suspect Detection Systems Inc., a leading developer of counterterror and crime prevention technology, announced this morning that it has sold the Cogito(TM) system to a large Federal Agency operating in a major Latin American nation. This crime prevention system will be used by federal agents to combat a wave of criminal activity in the country.

According to the press release, the first Cogito units have already been successfully installed and it is anticipated that additional units will be sold to the agency later this year. Moreover, the successful implementation of Cogito technology by this agency is expected to lead to sales at other agencies operating in the same country.

Cogito is an automated interrogation system used to detect malicious intent of criminals and terrorists in various settings and scenarios. The system has multiple applications in addition to interrogating individuals suspected of committing crimes, or being related to organized crime rings. Other applications include pre-employment and employee screening, fraud prevention, and military intelligence collection. Cogito can easily be deployed to detect terrorists or smugglers at checkpoints and border crossings, and even within war zones.

The Cogito Remote Testing Function allows the operators of the Cogito system in the referenced country to supervise tests taking place in remote locations while remaining at agency headquarters. This function is able to manage and control all COGNITO test stations on a national or even global scale.

“Cogito is a powerful tool that can be utilized by any organization with advanced security and crime prevention operations from private enterprises to federal agencies,” said Shabtai Shoval, CEO of SDS Ltd. “The reports we received from our customers which installed the COGITO demonstrate the impact of the system on the war against crime. Due to the success of the technology we expect this initial sale to lead to additional sales within this same agency as well as other law enforcement agencies throughout the region.”

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