Lauren Conrad, the normally shy and reserved MTV reality star turned fashion designer, was photographed topless for Glamour magazine and much to her surprise, it turned out being the cover photo for the May issue.

There's a lot of me on there! Listen - that was a surprise to me, 26-year-old Conrad told MTV News. So, that was supposed to be a very small inside shot, and I saw the cover, and I was like, 'Oh my!' I blushed when I saw it. I was like, 'That is a lot of me!'

Conrad, showing a whole new side of her that the world has never seen, said she had no idea that photos of her without a top, wearing just little white, lacy shorts would be the cover.

So, it's there. I didn't know that was going to be the cover, no. But that's how it works with magazines: If you take a photo, there's always that chance. But, no, I did not expect that to be the cover, she told MTV.

But Conrad, who left MTV's The Hills in 2009, said she normally doesn't even wear swimwear to the beach, as she is embarrassed of her cellulite.

On the vacation to Cabo, I wore a bathing suit on the beach for the first time in years. Usually I'm just petrified. A couple of years ago (a photographer) zoomed in on my cellulite and it was so mean. I took it really personally, Conrad told Glamour. I haven't worn a bathing suit in L.A. in years because of that.

That doesn't mean she is regretful of her topless cover photo for Glamour, though. In fact, Lauren Conrad told MTV News that she lives by the flaunt it mantra.

You know what? Why not [do it] when you're young, Conrad told MTV. Forty years from now, I'll be not looking like that. Might as well!