Of course, I am kidding when I say it is a lazy trader strategy. If you are lazy, you will not last in these markets. But this strategy is very low-maintenance and should with the proper money-management produce @ least 20% return annually. Not bad for only setting this up once a week and closing the position next week!

The principle behind it is very simple: not many traders are willing to scan the markets on Friday afternoon for a new set-up. But this is what you would do to profit from it.

Pairs to trade: Any

Chart set up: Daily charts

Indicators: MA10 and MA 40

The rules for buying: set a buy on Friday on a 9-day bullish break-out, when MA 10 is above MA 40.

To cover: Sell short next Monday morning

The rules for selling: set a sell on Friday on a 10-day bearish break-out, when MA 10 is below MA 40.

To cover: Buy back next Monday Morning.

That is all there is to it.

Very simple, easy to follow.

I have a number of indicators that you can download for free as well just to make your trading more efficient.