Lea Michele found love with boyfriend Matthew Paetz, but it wasn't exactly easy for the actress to open her heart up again following the tragic death of her "Glee" co-star and real-life love Cory Monteith. As previously reported, Monteith died from a lethal dose of alcohol and heroin on July 13, 2013. In a new interview, Michele reveals how she finally knew she was ready to date again. 

"I wanted to make sure that I was OK with me, feeling strong and feeling happy on my own," explained Michele in the October issue of FLARE magazine. "I didn't want anybody to fill any holes for me—that sounds sexual! I wanted to make sure that I was a whole person again and that no one was coming into my life to put me back together." The 28-year-old singer and actress said once she was at a place where she was "ready to live again," Paetz found his way into her life. The two started dating last year after meeting on the set of Michele's music video, "On My Way." 

"I worked very, very, very hard and I got back to that place where I was genuinely happy and strong and ready to live again and see the world and, you know, bring in more beautiful experiences," said Michele. "And that's when someone miraculously came into my life."

As previously reported, the "Scream Queens" star also opened up about her love life last month during an interview with E! Online. She said for her, the key to being in a successful relationship was making sure she was "totally OK" with herself. "For me, throughout my whole life, I've just really tried to grow and strengthen myself individually and become the most happy, healthy person on my own that I can become," noted Michele. "And then whatever the universe brings into my life, it will." 

Even though the "Cannonball" singer has moved past losing Monteith, he still holds a special place in her heart. Just last month, on the second anniversary of his death, Michele posted a photo of Monteith driving a car. She captioned the picture, “Today we remember the laughter and joy you brought into our lives every day. We think of you always and love you so.”