Introduces Autochartist

Considered the market leader in intraday trading tools Autochartist allows search engines to monitor thousands of financial instruments 24 hours a day, and automatically identify trade opportunities in the form of chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, and Key Levels as they occur. In addition, Autochartist offers PowerStats as a feature which will give you a better assessment of risk and volatility on the instruments that you trade.

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Let Autochartist help you become confident in deciding what and when to trade and make technical analysis a part of your trading strategy today, no matter what your level of experience.



  • Receive audio and visual alerts when emerging and completed patterns are identified.
  • Benefit from the automatic Forecast Zone plotted on completed Chart Patterns.
  • Use Performance Statistics to view success rates of patterns reaching the forecast zone.

  • Receive audio and visual alerts of emerging and completed Fibonacci patterns.
  • Receive a visual illustration of support and resistance levels according to the theory of the Golden Ratio.


  • Horizontal support or resistance is often encountered at significant price levels.
  • With Key Levels Autochartist automatically identifies these price levels as either "Breakout" or "Approach.

"" Provides traders with insight into relevant movement of instruments, like:

  • Average PIP movement in specific timeframes;
  • Maximum expected price movements across various timeframes, and
  • Expected price movements over weekly and daily timeframes
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Download; install and launch Autochartist from MT4. Receive real-time alerts of profitable trade opportunities through a web and custom indicators.

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Download MetaTrader

  • Autochartist's online User Manual is available in the following languages: English; Russian; German; Simple Chinese; Japanese
  • MT4 Plug-In: Simply click on this link to download and install the Autochartist Plug-in and start using this tool on your trading application.
  • Performance Statistics: Click on this link to view instant performance success rates of patterns reaching the forecast zone.
  • Market Coverage: This screen shows the instrument coverage for you broker.
""Autochartist Market Watch: Start your trading sessions with this daily video to see how Autochartist's in-house Analyst applies this tool to trade t