Nokia's phone platform isn't the only thing getting shaken up. In the wake of the partnership with Microsoft the executive suite is getting shuffled as well.

The executive vice president of MeeGo computers and mobile solutions, Alberto Torres, is out; a release from Nokia only said that he would be pursuing interests outside the company. Torres was hired in 2004 and held several senior positions before being named to the executive board in 2009. That same year Nokia created a Solutions unit, with Torres at the helm.

The executive board is now called the Nokia Leadership Team. A number of people will be relatively recent arrivals to the top spots, and at least one CEO Stephen Elop brought in soon after he took the post.

Jerri DeVard, for example, is the company's chief marketing officer and was hired in January; like Elop, she is a non-Finn (she is from the U.S., Elop is Canadian).

Jo Harlow will also be joining the governing board and will lead the company's smart devices group. Nokia said in a press release that Harlow's division will be responsible for creating a winning Windows platform and the Symian and MeeGo divisions will be under her direction. Harlow previously led Nokia's marketing in North America.

Rich Green, another newcomer to Nokia - he joined in the summer of 2010 - will be heading up Nokia's technology strategy. He will join the leadership team along with Colin Giles, global head of sales.

Marko Ahtisaari will be head of Nokia's design strategy, though he won'tbe an official member of the executive board, a Nokia spokesman said.

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