BioLargo, Inc., a company dedicated to harnessing and delivering Nature’s Best Solution(TM), today announced that O.H. Kruse of Goshen, California will begin distributing its Odor-No-More(TM) products, including its popular Animal Bedding Additive.

“Sales of our Animal Bedding Additive product are brisk, and we are pleased to work with O.H. Kruse in their mission to help their customers succeed,” stated Joe Provenzano, VP & Product Manager for BioLargo. “Customers find that just a handful saves them time and money, by reducing bedding consumption, labor, disposal and fly infestations, while eliminating odor and moisture from their animal enclosures.”

“We are excited about providing the Odor-No-More(TM) products to our customers as the solution for eliminating odor and moisture concerns,” added Dave Spaulding, Sales Manager, Sack Division for O.H. Kruse.