Remember the “South Park” episode when Eric Cartman creates his own theme park, "Cartmanland?" He doesn’t allow his friends or any of the townsfolk to enter, which results in the explosive popularity of the park. Within days of the its opening, lines of people are wrapped around the block to experience the exclusive and forbidden rides.

That seems to be the marketing technique behind “The League,” a dating app that caters to “classy” and “popular” people. Yes, there’s dozens of dating apps available that operate on the same premise – users scroll through potential mates with the swipe of their touch screens. If you’re both into one another – click! You’ve got a match. However, “The League” hopes to set itself apart from the “Tinder” and “Hinge” crowd by targeting the rich and successful, or people who are  “too popular as it is,” according to its app store description.

And it’s worked. There are currently 80,000 people on a waitlist to use the app.

CEO Amanda Bradford claimed the app has a high ratio of prestigious users – 30 percent of its members possess advanced degrees and 18 percent are executives, vice presidents and founders.

If you’re hoping to mingle online with the culturally elite, Bradford advises a few ways to get in. She told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that a few simple steps can help you break into the world of elite courtship.

Know someone. The easiest way to obtain a membership is to already know someone who’s a member. All members are given a ticket to bring in a friend. Without a ticket, you're confined to the waiting list.

Update your social networks. The app’s admission algorithm peruses your social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are utilized to discover your neighborhood, degrees, professions, industries and social influence. Put your best virtual face forward. Include past and present jobs, volunteer work and personal interests. Bradford also advises being different. What makes you unique? Have a quirky hobby? Make sure you represent it in your social media presence. There's a million singles out there who all possess the same interests. Ensure your online networks accurately represent what makes "you" you.

Be open-minded. Bradford also advises that users be a little more open to dating outside of their comfort zones. Don’t be too picky with your mate selection. Be willing to consider different candidates of various ages, heights and locations. Don't just be searching for "tall, dark and handsome." The algorithm is more likely to select you if you're willing to compromise. Are you willing to date someone from ages 20-50 and from 5'0" to 6'9"? The app is more likely to select you.

“The League” has its share of haters. The app currently has a 1.5-star rating in the iOS app store, with some users calling it a “huge disappointment” and calling out its “buggy” interface. Another user criticized the company’s lack of customer service. Two more users called the app’s waitlist “ridiculous” and “super stuck up.”

Despite this, the app’s popularity proves exclusivity has a price – and that sadly, not everyone belongs in the “in” crowd.