This year is one of the rare times there are 29 days in February instead of 28. It’s also a time when a man must accept a marriage proposal from a woman, according to an Irish tradition made for a romantic comedy, aptly called “Leap Year,” starring Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams. Some fun quotes from the film, accompanied by Irish sayings, have been shared below:

1.“May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you.” –Old Irish Blessing

2. “When my 60 seconds came around I realized I had everything I ever wanted, but nothing I really needed. And I think what I need is here. And I came all this way to see if you maybe think so too.” –Anna, “Leap Year”

3. “I propose we not make plans, I propose we give this thing a chance and let it work out how it works out. So what do you say, do you wanna not make plans with me?” –Anna, “Leap Year”

Below are the English translations of Irish quotes about love and marriage, courtesy of Gaelic Matters.

4. “There is no cure for love other than marriage.”

5. “A day lasts until it's chased away but love lasts until the grave.”

6. “It is better to bend than to break." 

7. “The argument is better than the loneliness.”

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