Eric Fry of The Daily Reckoning calls it on the carpet. Slight of hand, funny money, helicopter money. In yesterday's issue he called it by the above title. He surmised and brought in a fellow colleague to give us his thoughts:  No matter how you slice it, observes our friend Dan Denning, editor of the Australian Daily Reckoning, many of the world's governments need money. If the private markets don't give it to them, their central banks will have to do the job. This will lead inevitably to money printing and currency devaluation. The amount of money these governments require is staggering.

So, more smoke and mirrors! Eric Fry finishes with this:

Where is that money going to come from?

It's hard to say where the money will come from, but it's easy to say where it will not come from. It will not come from private citizens who are looking to park their cash in safe and secure investments. There aren't enough folks with actual money to invest who are willing to lend that money to a bankrupt government. So in order to fill this $10 trillion funding gap, we should expect a few more quantitative easing programs and other forms of money-printing.

Meanwhile, we should also expect a lot more attempts by government powers to repel the forces of economic nature: More coordinated central bank intervention, more emergency landing facilities, and more ad-hoc, too-big-to-fail remedies.

So at least we've got that going for us - a lot more of the stuff that hasn't worked... and never will.

Buy gold...some more.

More good advice from Eric, especially after this pullback in the gold coin price. Today's gold news is all about gold demand in light of the action of central bank decisions of propping the financial system up! Call us today at Lear Capital to get your gold coins!