I just love the financial news.  I keep it on in the background as I work, to monitor our many television spots and keep my finger on the pulse of the markets.  As I reported yesterday, one economist showed us why the S&P 500 index could return to March 2009 lows, as a flight to quality has reportedly left the gate.  Since June 18, the S&P 500 is down 8%, some 90 points.  Gold is also off its highs.  From the same June 18, date gold is off about 4.4% - $59.00 an ounce, or so.  Please give me some literary leeway here, but the rhetoric of the day went something like this. Stocks bounce off session lows for a strong finish to the day's trading.  Goldman closes flat after bouncing off lows of the day.  Stocks recover as investors find point of re-entry.Then comes the headlines for gold.  Is the Gold Rally Over?Pardon me!  Yes, I am biased.  I think everyone should own some gold and that's the business I am in.  Some Gold being the operative words here.  Yes, diversify some of your investments in gold.  You have never heard me say, sell everything else and buy all gold but to listen to some of the financial news, it's as though someone is screaming, never buy any Gold!I have to admit I did finally hear a voice of reason address gold demand and today's fall in the gold price.  With the markets taking a pretty good beating over the last few days, the pressure finally built to a point where many investors had to sell something at a profit in order to cover margin calls on assets they were losing money on.  There was that so hard?  Honestly, I believe, in order to get the true big picture about the state of this country's financial condition, your news sources have to reach outside the realm of any one medium.  Web sites like IBTimes.com and LearCapital.com are great sources for the rest of the story.  Feel free to disagree with me, but before you turn this channel, if you are so inclined, let me remind you the gold charts still show gold up 9% on the year while the S&P 500 is down 10%.  Now, how can you ask if the gold rally is over and not ask if the S&P rally is over, or the Dow rally or the baseball card rally?I guess that's why you got me!Now ponder the answer to this question over the long weekend ahead.  It's 2012 - Which investment turned in the best returns since July 1, 2010?  Pick one - Stocks - Bonds - Gold - Real Estate.  From Lear Capital - Have a safe and thoughtful weekend as we all celebrate, still,  the greatest country on earth.