The world is scrambling for gold.  The most recent news of this is the surprise addition of some 150 tonnes or more by the Saudis, to their strategic reserves.  In 2009, central banks of the world became net buyers of gold and 2010 looks like it is headed for a repeat.As Europe faces its own debt crisis, they too are scrambling to own more gold.  Some reports indicate citizens of Greece were paying as much as a 40% premium or the equivalent of $1700 USD for an ounce of gold.  Mints around the world are reporting record gold demand including the U.S. Mint who says even today, Production of United States Mint American Eagle Gold Proof and Uncirculated Coins has been temporarily suspended because of unprecedented demand for American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins.While the U.S. Mint is reported to have some inventory now of various gold coins, twice in the last 18 months or so, the mint has announced they are out of gold.  But what amazes me through all of this, is how the average man on the street remains oblivious to gold, it's rising price trend of the last 10 years and the world's debt crisis.  This tells me the current gold bull market still has a long way to run before we see a peak.  Sure people hear about it but the reality is very few react.  I recall not long ago sitting with the CFO of a Big Ten College.  He told me where he had the school's money invested and of course I couldn't resist the suggestion that he buy some gold.  His response was, it's already too high, where can it possibly go from here?  Since then, gold doubled and I'm sure his remark today would be the same if it was suggested again that he own some gold.Signs are everywhere that gold supply and demand fundamentals are forecasting higher prices yet there remains one place online where gold coins prices remain virtually unbeatable.  Lear Capital.  Check out our online prices here or visit the site to see full disclosure of the buy and sell price as it is in real time.  Make a special note of some of the smaller coins that sell for barely above the melt price of gold and then visit our coin encyclopedia to perhaps find a numismatic or collectible coin with unique advantages worth exploring.