DaveTen years ago, with gold at $260 an ounce, it was hard to imagine or predict gold at $1400.  Frankly, though, it was not our forte' to make gold price predictions.  Rather our message was the same then as it is now - Diversify!!  The first and foremost reason to own gold is to protect what you already have.  You never know what disaster may strike.

Looking ahead it's hard to imagine another decade like the last.  One that saw gold rise more than 400% while stocks fell 10%.  Some say the worst is behind us.  Others say the worst is yet to come.  With global debt rising, paper currencies losing purchasing power as fast as they can be printed and the threat of default looming heavy around every corner, it is hard to imagine things getting better.

I will be so bold as to say, we ain't seen nothin' yet!  If default on rising debt does not bring a swift end to savings and retirement accounts, inflation will inflict a slow death.  In a recent article, Paul B. Farrell, gives us 10 Reasons To Shun Stocks Till Banks Crash.  Farrell calls, Stocks a sucker bet in a rigged game and predicts a meltdown ahead.

He goes on to say that when you adjust for inflation, stocks lost 20% for investors over the last decade and then predicts they will do the same over the decade to come. 

Now the question remains, How will you prepare for what's ahead? 

Ten years ago, it was easy to believe, stocks will return 8% per year. 

Ten years ago, it was hard to imagine gold at $1400 an ounce.

Ten years ago it was easy to say, What's there to prepare for?

Now, it's easy to see how stocks could be in for another 20% inflation adjusted loss by 2020; it's easy to see how gold could rise above $7000 an ounce over the next ten years; and by now it should be hard to ignore the warnings that flash brighter than a cops lights in your rear view mirror.

Last time the warnings were subtle.  Now they scream at us to take steps to protect our wealth.  Stay alert and get Diversified!! Visit LearCapital.com regularly for breaking news, free special reports and the best online pricing for gold and silver coins.