DaveThe news is everywhere - There is no inflation!  Wait!  Let me start over.  The news is everywhere - Inflation is about to explode! 

These are the messages I hear as I huddle in my office, amidst record snow levels and lower than average winter temperatures, reading reports about global warming.  Yes, reportedly, El Nino is about to return and when combined with a build-up of greenhouse gases, will bring record high temps in 2011. 

If you would have told me the globe was warming back in the early 80s, when here in Minnesota we actually had a winter in which people golfed every month of the year, I may have been inclined to take heed.  

In my lifetime, that never occurred before and never happened since.  In fact, since then, we have had record snowfalls twice, including this winter.  Maybe the globe is warming, just not this year.  And, if you believe the Farmer's Almanac, maybe not for 15 more years. 

The point is, don't tell me I'm warm when I'm freezing my nose off and don't tell me there is no inflation when $50 at the gas pump doesn't even fill up my little car.    

So which is it for you?  Global warming or not?  Inflation or no inflation?  What do you see when you go to the grocery store?  What do you see when you go to the gas pump? 

I heard one comment stating that higher gold prices were to blame for rising inflation fears.  Well, that's like blaming the thermometer for my frozen nose.  The gold price may measure inflation fear but it does not cause it or the lack thereof.

Right now the country is in inflation denial, which in turn is suppressing the gold price.  But, when the realization finally hits, watch out.  For now, you be your own judge.  If your food and energy is cheaper now than a year ago, I want to come to your planet.

If inflation is staring you in the face, maybe now is the time to take advantage of these suppressed gold and silver prices.  At least stay informed by making regular visits to LearCapital.com.  You've got nothing to lose but purchasing power.