DaveIf ever there was an investment that deserved attention, by anyone trying to save and invest for the future, it is probably gold.

I can look back over the last 10 years and see how bubbles expanded and the economy soared due to a more than favorable credit environment.  I heard some gentlemen joking yesterday about the way real estate used to be.  It used to be that you could buy anything, borrow more than it was worth and fantasize about your income in order to qualify.

They were speaking of real estate, but the facts applied to many parts of the economy.  Think about it.  You could get a big screen TV for FREE - at least for 6, 12 or even 24 months.  Cars, boats, computers, you name it.  Buy now pay later was the cry and the foundation upon which the economy was built and the markets soared.  

All the while, some savvy investors were paying attention.  They suspected the American dream could turn to a nightmare and they prepared.  They looked ahead and asked how long is this sustainable and came to a reasonable conclusion.  Time is short!  Then, they asked themselves, if this does all come crashing down, which investment could help hedge against such disaster?  How should I diversify my wealth? 

One need only look at the gold charts over the past 10 years to see smart money started buying gold at the same time markets began to expand.  Then, whether stocks were climbing to record highs or collapsing under the weight of debt, gold was the consistent winner.

It's hard to imagine that, just 10 years ago, gold sold for as little as $255 an ounce, when today's morning trading saw the price reach $1445.  Now I hear people say, it's too late, I wish I was paying closer attention - I should have diversified.

For 10 years I've heard similar comments.  Gold moved above $500 and people said, I should have bought at $400.  It kept moving higher and more and more people began to pay attention but just as they may have been ready to act, profit takers would step in and drive prices lower.  Not realizing all the economic conditions that drove gold higher, to that point, were still intact, those who pondered purchase felt relief for not buying instead of excitement over an opportunity to now buy low.

Meanwhile, those paying attention, kept buying.  ETFs sprang up, mining stocks moved higher and the physical metal itself saw demand rise and gold's price along with it.  And, here we go again.  It's too late to own gold.  

For those of you who may be in this camp of believers that think it's too late, let me just leave you with something to think about.  What will it take to re-inflate the economy and the markets?  Then, what happens if that doesn't work?  How has gold reacted in the past under similar conditions.

At LearCapital.com, you will find many free reports and breaking news stories that are intended to help anyone make an informed decision about the markets and gold.  We believe everyone should diversify with some physical metals.  We believe it's not too late but may only be the beginning of the real bull market in gold.

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Indeed, if there was ever a time in history to pay attention to gold, it is today.  Heck, after all we've been through - everyone deserves a little payback.