BlogI have used the term many times before. Folks in finance the world over use it often as well. Ever since 11/21/2002 when Ben Bernanke gave his famous speech, the term Helicopter Money has been used. I don't use it quite as often as the term physical gold though, and I discuss physical gold a lot! This excellent article by Richard Duncan that appeared in The Daily Reckoning is a must read! It is very in depth and I agree the most with his last line: The next round of helicopter money is very likely to begin before the end of the year.

Richard's words did not take very long to transpire. Based on the release of the Federal Reserve's meeting minutes today, the next round of Helicopter Money is almost here! Before this ends like a bad movie, do you own a gold coin? Gold coins don't get dropped out of helicopters. We have them here in safekeeping at Lear Capital!