BlogTime to read this one in it's entirety. Chris Meyer writing here for The Daily Reckoning had the following to say at the beginning of his article: The year 2011 is the year when inflation will play the role of wrecking ball. It seems to threaten everything from emerging markets to the pretty earnings narrative of the market as a whole.

I use the term inflation here as the man on the street does. It is when prices for most everything go up. It is not the best definition, because it obscures the reason why prices for most everything go up in the first place. The reason is that governments everywhere can't help but print lots of money.

True, so true! I'm reading some numbers on how inflation is beginning to spill into everything, and globally. It's coming here too - to America. In my opinion, this could move into hyperinflation. Are you preparing yourself with physical gold? You should be. How high does your stack of gold coins go? How high does your stack of numismatic silver go? If they don't go high enough, time to call Lear Capital today!