Did you know that for silver to reach its inflation adjusted high it would have to rise to $130 an ounce?  That's nearly 5 times what it is today.  Is this Silver's Best Kept Secret?

Just as gold, silver has a long history of being real money.  It has intrinsic value, in fact, it was used in commerce in the U.S. some 30 years longer than was gold.  Originally, its value was set as 1/16th the value of gold as the world's gold supply was said to be 1/16th that of silver.

With silver prices now sitting near 1/60th that of an equal amount of gold, some say silver is way undervalued.  Is this Silver's Best Kept Secret?  For many investors, this is motivation enough to add silver to a diversified portfolio.  But, let's forget that argument for the moment and just look at some supply-side dynamics.  Tens of millions of ounces of silver are consumed by industry every year.  In fact, according to one source, 90% of all the silver ever mined is gone.  Is this Silver's Best Kept Secret?

Today, as supplies dwindle, industrial demand continues to skyrocket.  You know what that means.  With respect to the silver price, the laws of supply and demand are about to take over.

Then came Nanosilver.  Nanosilver is microscopic particles of silver that hold amazing secrets to health, wealth and freedom.  Already, Nanosilver is being used in over 200 consumer products.  It is these uses that some say will double the annual demand for industrial silver by the year 2020.  Is Nanosilver, Silver's Best Kept Secret.  You will be amazed at the many industrial uses now possessed by silver.

  • RFID tags for stock control and ID cards are taking over from bar codes;
  • Solar panels - Demand for which is forecast to grow by 20-40 times in 10 years;
  • Wood preservatives to replace arsenic;
  • Wound care & other medical use, food hygiene, and anti-odor textiles - because silver, a biocide, inhibits bacteria.
  • Weaponry - Did you know each cruise missile contains approximately 33 pounds of silver?
  • Electronics - Because silver has high conductive qualities, its use in high tech electronics ranges from cell phones to super computers.

And let's not forget investment demand.  By some historical measures, silver should already be $100 an ounce.  As gold demand soars to hedge against inflation, so will silver.  As an American Eagle Gold Coin protects your savings and retirement accounts so should the American Eagle Silver Coin.  Don't you think it's time to learn more about silver's best kept secrets?