Hey folks just a quick note to tell you about Lear Capital's weekly newsletter release.  We never claim to be the last word on gold news.  That's why we diligently pursue the expertise of numerous experts around the world to keep a finger on the pulse of Gold's reaction to various market stimuli.Richard Russell and James Turk are among those experts highly respected and we often seek out their latest take on anything from the economy, to stocks and of course gold.  For example James Turk still holds to his gold price prediction that gold will hit $2000 in 2010.  Going forward he makes the case for gold at $8,000.  And Richard Russell recently warned that the stock market would crash by the end of 2010.If this newsletter does anything, it keeps us all on our toes and gives a perspective outside the realm of we who can be accused of bias and a bit of self-servitude.  In any event it's FREE just click here to sign up and then look to receive your weekly issues in short order.