While Leave Amber Cole Alone trend spurred a widespread controversy as the majority seems to condemn the Internet trend, most people are still after the actual video showing a 14-year-old girl performing oral sex, which has swept social media platforms for days.

Leave Amber Cole Alone, has been trending on Twitter since the teenager's video went viral almost a week ago. The online campaign started after the girl was teased and called names all over social media networks, which many have protested against fearing that the act of cyber bullying could lead to the girl's suicide.

Many have been frustrated by the careless comments published on Twitter. It bothers me that some people don't see the issue with this amber cole situation. It's sad and pathetic. What if it was your relative?, tweeted Sheneka_Adams. 

As the trend grew, many parodies involving songs and jingles were made about the girl, which were also condemned by the Leave Amber Alone campaign. But one parody on YouTube helped to bring attention to the case in what the author of the post claims was a genuine attempt to get people to leave Amber Cole alone.

Jordann Marie, a girl who looks around the same age as Cole attracted a lot of attention for her Leave Amber Cole Alone' video. The exaggerated performance left many people uncertain as to how serious the girl was and she was criticized by many for mocking the story from those who argued that it only added to the damage. But Marie's video spurred more YouTube users to comment and question why such an attack was administered on the girl caught on camera. Many said that far worse than what the girl did at her age was the fact that the online community has brought attention to the girl's actions, in what could be classed as distributing child pornography.

Marie defended herself in a second video that addresses Cole directly: I'm not sayin' that what she did was appropriate - because it was nothing close to appropriate ... but Amber Cole, if you're watching this baby girl, just know that everybody is not against you. Jordann Marie is not against you and she never will be. And if I have to continue to receive hate comments and hate videos from people, then that's just what it's going to be. Because I will never stop contributing to Amber Cole.

The trend continued throughout the weekend and it turns too few people are willing to leave Amber Cole alone. More commentary has been provoked on Twitter after the Global Grind released comments from the girl's father on a local radio station in Baltimore.

She was forced to do this, she was bullied, harassed into doing this. The one that videotaped it, I hope he's incarcerated. I'm hoping he gets some serious time out of this. It hurts a lot of people- not just her, not just her reputation- but also her family, he said.

As Twitter streamed the comments from the girls father Jannice Adorno asked Is everyone SERIOUSLY STILL talking about Amber Cole? -______-, It's the question on everyone's mind. Why are people still talking about the girl? And worse, why are people still after the tape?

Ok who is Amber Cole? #Amber Cole is a 14 year old girl giving head behind school....smh here's the video---->, this is one of the most re-tweeted tweets about Cole on Twitter. Amber Cole Actual Video, is a hot trending search term on Google. 75 per cent of Global Grind readers said they would still watch the video. What will it take to silence the curious case of amber Cole and all the issues and controversy surrounding it?