Whatever you think of Grinnell basketball player Jack Taylor's 138-point game, he's already made a friend in a pretty high place.

At a Miami Heat practice on Wednesday, LeBron James was referring to Taylor as “Sir Jack” as the NBA star praised the college hoopster for his accomplishment, Yahoo Sports reported.


'It's unbelievable, honestly,'' James said. ''I would like to see the game. I want to see the game.''

James told the media after practice that he's always interested in impressive individual feats. He watched Kobe Bryant's 81-point game, but, he says, there a few sports accomplishments he's yet to see. Taylor's is one of them.

There's two games that I would love to see: One was Wilt, when he had 100, and this kid, I want to see him, too. Sir Jack,” James said.

During their Wednesday practice, the Heat even dubbed their intern -- who was the shooter in the team's defensive drills -- “Jack Taylor.”

James said he doesn't remember ever scoring more than 56 points in a game, nor could he even score as many as Taylor did in a video game.

"You've got to mess with the rules and the users and all that stuff to get to that,” James said.

Yesterday, Barry Petchesky at Deadspin very convincingly made the argument that Grinnell head coach Dave Arsenault may have in fact “messed with the rules” to allow Taylor to score 138 points.