Cleveland Cavaliers star and 2016 NBA Finals MVP LeBron James has remained quiet on social media since he won the championship Sunday, but it doesn’t mean the rest of his family followed suit. His stepfather, rapper Da Real Lambo, took to Instagram to slam Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry, mogul Jay Z and pop superstar Beyoncé.

“This is a real exclusive announcement, man. Shoutout to the [champs],” Da Real Lambo, whose real name is Arthur Lambright, said Monday. “I’m just talking about Game 6, because we already won the championship.”

Lambo accused Jay Z and Beyoncé of being phonies since they went to the penultimate finals game.

“There’s a couple of moguls out here, you know, that be the biggest haters of them all. So I saw Jay Z and Beyoncé come to Game 6, I don’t know what reason for ... we still won Game 6,” he said. “[I really think he came] to see if LeBron James was going to lose at his house to a real pretty boy ass n---- named Stephen Curry.”


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But Lambo had the biggest problem with the New York rapper turned entrepreneur. “Jay Z, to me, is one of the biggest haters of ’em all, man,” he said. “You get what I’m saying? I really feel like he came in our arena, him and Beyoncé, Game 6, you know they had to get all that fake attention.”

Jay Z commended James on Twitter after Game 7, but Lambo didn’t think it was authentic. “They really came to see if LeBron James was going to lose the championship. We ain’t losing s---, homie,” he said. “None of y’all n----- are bigger than LeBron. Know that.”

It’s not too surprising that Lambo took to Instagram to comment on the Cavs’ championship win. The rapper is active on social media and regularly posts outlandish updates.

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