Lee Kee Holdings Limited, color metals stock and distribution company, announced the result of IPO - 200 million shares offered for HK investors got a 266 times oversubsription, 108 million shares for international investors also gained a large-size oversell.

The offer price each share has been confirmed at the level of 2.67 yuan, near the top of the refered price. the company's shares will be trade in HKex main board Wednesday. While, the Shui On Land also listed in the same day, which IPO achieved 12 times oversubcription and parts for international investors 17 times.

As the public offer part has got large size oversubscription, Lee Kee launched the callback mechanism which made the proportion of public offer unit accounting for the total shares issued in the world rise 50% from 10%, the international part's share cut to 50% from 90%, that is, the total shares for public subscription rose to 100 million shares and for international subscription altered to 100 million shares.