Left Behind Games Inc., operating as Inspired Media Entertainment, develops, produces and markets Christian video games. As the company seeks opportunities to become and remain a leader in the new Christian segment of the multi-billion dollar video game business, it recognizes consumer trending toward “good, wholesome games.”

The company today announced its progress for 2009 and its outlook for 2010, highlighting several significant achievements. While Left Behind Games acknowledges that it’s impossible to predict when Christian-based video games will hit their full potential, the company notes that its achievements throughout 2009 indicate growing interest in the segment.

The company ran a Wal-Mart 100-store retail test of the marketability of its LEFT BEHIND: Tribulation Forces and Charlie Church Mouse series games, which sold out several days before Christmas. Furthermore, its three-year old LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces maintained consumer interest in nearly every Target store in the U.S.

The retail test got the attention of leading video game representative firm SMP Communications, which led to a roll-out distribution agreement of Left Behind Games’ products into mainstream retail outlets throughout 2010.

Despite the recession, Christian retailers are showing signs of bounce-back, and Left Behind Games anticipates more orders in the coming weeks. With increasing interest from more than 50 percent of pastors contacted by the Left Behind Games representatives, the company expects 2010 to be a “year of tremendous grass roots.”

The proven interest from consumers, retailers and pastoral partners for Christian games in the marketplace fuels the company’s desire to focus on Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 for future titles, marking its transformation from a PC game publisher to an all-platform video game producer.