Left Behind Games, Inc. is a California company which has started to catch the eye of investors. Also known as Inspired Media Entertainment, Left Behind Games has evolved into one of the world’s leading independent developers and publishers of quality interactive entertainment products geared towards Christian-based audiences that also have a mainstream appeal.

Today, Left Behind Games took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that it has signed an exclusive sales representation agreement with Strategic Marketing Partner Inc. (SMP), which is the largest independent video games and PC software sales force in the United States and Canada.

SMP has an impressive history of 20 successful years in marketing and has grown into a known entity. Many of the video games and PC software titles SMP has represented have sold between one and four million units.

When asked about the union of SMP and Left Behind Games, SMP President Mike Karnes was quoted as saying, “We have a great collection of individual sales talent which make up our National Sales Team. Currently, SMP’s partners have held management positions within well-respected video game and software publishing, retailing and manufacturing companies. We also strive to align ourselves with manufacturers and publishers who produce the highest quality products and Left Behind Games fits perfectly within this framework. They offer unique, quality products which will fill a gap in the marketplace. We look forward with anticipation to our mutual relationship together.”

One of the more unique aspects of Left Behind Games and SMP joining forces is that Left Behind’s current distributor Jack-of-All-Games has a regular working relationship with SMP in both the United States and Canada so this transition will only improve the already up-and-coming company.

When asked about why SMP was chosen to work with Left Behind Games, their CEO Troy Lyndon stated, “We have chosen SMP due to their reach and it is our expectation that SMP’s representation will help us to maximize sales through our national distribution agreement with Jack-of-All Games.”

Currently, Left Behind Games is trading in the $0.01 range. With SMP on board and a product that appeals to many Christian video game players, also known as “Straight-Edge Gamers”, Left Behind Games may have the momentum to leave their competition behind.

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