The end is near for “The Leftovers.” The HBO drama is headed into its final season, and fans are, of course, hoping for answers. The writers knew the show was coming to a close while they were writing Season 3, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every question is going to be answered.

At the Peabody Awards in New York on Saturday, executive producer Tom Perrotta said fans shouldn’t expect a sudden explanation for existence. “We’ve been very clear. We don’t explain — the mystery of existence is just something human beings are just stuck with,” Perrotta told International Business Times.

Answers aren’t the only way to end the series, though. “But I think there will be some emotional closure for some of our characters, which is all we can hope for,” he said. The co-creator didn't drop any hints about who that “some of” refers to.

Perotta, who wrote the book on which the drama is based, added that knowing it was the final season didn’t make it any easier to write “The Leftovers” Season 3. Executive producer Mimi Leder partially agreed with him.

“I think it does make it easier because we know what the end is,” Leder told IBT on the Peabody Awards red carpet. “It doesn’t make it easier in terms of creatively just trying to tell the story and not get ahead of ourselves. And also, it’s very emotional to finish something. You want to tell it as if it’s absolutely pure. Do you know what I’m trying to say? It’s like, when you know something’s ending, and you love it so much and you want it to be so good. So I try and back off of that and just go from moment to moment, as do the characters.”

HBO has not yet announced a premiere date for “The Leftovers” Season 3. The Peabody Awards air Monday, June 6, at 8 p.m. EDT on Pivot.