Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) may be moving his family to Texas in Season 2 of "The Leftovers," but it is another family, the Murphy family, that will bring the drama in the new episodes. At least, that is what a new behind-the-scenes video HBO released Tuesday would have fans believe. The teaser gives viewers a more in depth look at Kevin's mysterious new neighbors and what they bring to the new season. 

In the video, the actors that portray the heads of the Murphy household -- Kevin Carroll, who plays John Murphy and Regina King, who plays Erika -- talk about the dynamic of their family. John Murphy is a realist who has doubts that Miracle, Texas, a town famous for not having lost one person in the "Sudden Departure," is really as special of a place as everyone seems to think. John also has a checkered past. He spent over six years in prison (for what fans do not yet know) before getting out, becoming a fire fighter and marrying Erika, a doctor and one of the more important people in town. The couple's son, Michael (Jovan Adepo), is deeply religious and believes the town was chosen to be spared. 

However, the biggest person of interest in the Murphy clan is daughter Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown). The teaser appears to show her mysteriously disappearing in what Kevin Carroll calls in the promo "a WTF moment." Is it another departure, the Guilty Remnant, or something else entirely? 

Watch the preview for Season 2 below:

Actress Regina King, featured heavily in the preview video, won an Emmy Sunday for another television show, ABC's "American Crime." King took home the trophy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie. King will bring her award-caliber talent to "The Leftovers" when Season 2 premieres on HBO on Oct. 4.