The plot of the forthcoming film “The Legend of Conan” will be about an aging king being forced to return to the throne after retirement. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared the details about the movie in a recent interview.

At a media junket for “Terminator: Genisys,” Schwarzenegger was asked about returning to play the barbarian from the 1980s. NerdReport said the actor was hoping to reprise the role and this time he will play a king. Toward the end of the first movie from the franchise, the protagonist was seen sitting on a throne.

The actor said that the idea of Conan ruling as a king for a long time and then throwing it all away to go into retirement in the mountains “appealed” to him. Schwarzenegger said that some “hideous and unbelievable things” force the barbarian to return to his kingdom. “So that’s when the battle begins again,” the actor explained.

It was unknown if Schwarzenegger saw any parallels with his own life: Schwarzenegger has returned to Hollywood, where he enjoyed his greatest success, after leaving to serve as governor of California (2003 to 2011). Many say his political career had mixed results, at best.

Schwarzenegger praised the script writers for doing “an extraordinary job” in developing a “very thoughtful” storyline for the movie. The actor said that the script has “turned out really great,” but added that it will need some “tweakage.” He said that he is looking forward to working with the team on “The Legend of Conan” as soon as he has completed his obligations for his current project.

Talking to The Arnold Fans, film writer and producer Chris Morgan had previously said the plot would be set 30 years after the events in the 1982 movie, in which the hero took on Thulsa Doom, played by James Earl Jones. He said that the character will be introduced as someone who has been many things over the years and this includes a thief, warrior, pirate, king and legend.

Schwarzenegger will be playing an older hero in “The Legend of Conan.” Morgan said that they will be “honoring the locales, the religions and the traditions” of the 1982 movie. The producers have reportedly scouted locations in Spain and in Colombia to film the movie. It is still unclear when production is expected to begin.