Any doubters about Jimmer Fredette have little to say after BYU's first two games in the tournament.

If there were questions about Fredette's productivity going into the tournament, the 6'2 guard has effectively countered them.

In the second round game against Wofford, Fredette scored 32 points and added seven assists. In the following game against Gonzaga, the Cougars' star scored 34 points to go along with six assists, in the blowout victory.

These performances come after many thought Fredette and BYU would struggle without 6'9 sophomore forward Brandon Davies, who was suspended from the team after violating the school's ethics code.

Davies was averaging 11.1 points and 6.1 rebounds per game, and was considered a player that would take the heat off Fredette, a player that is a recipient of the opponents' best perimeter defender.

The loss of Davies hasn't slowed down Fredette much. There is no better evidence of the guard maintaining his high-scoring ways without Davies than the 52-point performance against New Mexico on March 11th.

He's shown no lack of confidence under the spotlight of a national television audiece or fatigue as the season has dragged on, as well.

Along with Nolan Smith, Kyrie Irving, and Kemba Walker, Fredette makes up one of the best guard classes in recent years. Like Walker, the players around Freddete seem to be more complimentary pieces than individual contributors.

It seems evident that BYU can go as far as Fredette can take them.

The Florida Gators await on Thursday.