Headquartered in Beijing, Legend Media is a leading China advertising company that is focused on selling advertising that reaches affluent customers in China through major airline magazines and radio channels in key districts of China. Today, Legend took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement their subsidiary Beijing Yin Se Ling Dong Advertising Co. Ltd. has signed a major advertising contract.

The contract signed by the Legend subsidiary is with Beijing Zhongchuan AuMedia Advertising Media Co., which is the designated advertising agent of Beijing Fortune Real Estate Development Group. The amount of the deal is $347,747 US for its Palais De Fortune Project.

The Beijing Fortune Real Estate Development Group is a subsidiary of Fortune United Group which is a professional real estate development and management company with a global reach. Palais De Fortune is known as a top-level elite villa of classic French noble style with state-of-the-art amenities that make the villa very attractive to investors.

Leading the way at Legend is Ju Baochun who serves as the CEO and Director of the young company. Baochun was quoted as saying, “We have successfully renewed our annual contract with Beijing Fortune Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. for the promotion of their core project Palais De Fortune. We will take full advantage of our vast resources to help promote Palais De Fortune and provide value-added, promotional advertising service to our long term client.”

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