With Lego’s recent boost in popularity, thanks to 2014's “The Lego Movie” and various Lego-licensed games, it seems fitting for the company to reintroduce some of its original video-game titles, such as “Lego Minifigures Online.” It was recently announced that the massive multiplayer online (MMO) game -- originally developed for the Windows PC by Funcom -- will be heading to mobile devices.

Previously, “Lego Minifigures Online” was a standard free-to-play (F2P) online game, but it didn’t catch on as quickly as Funcom probably would have liked. According to Touch Arcade, the developer decided to remedy the solution by making it a pay-to-play title -- which probably made it even less popular.

In the reissue, gameplay has players creating their own team of Lego characters, each with his or her own set of skills and personality, as they embark on quests that are familiar to most MMO games. Players will be able to visit a variety of classic Lego worlds with their customized Lego team. Whether in a Pirate World or Space World, fans of all ages can have all sorts of adventures.

CNet has confirmed that “Lego Minifigures Online” will offer the ability to cross-play between platforms, to make sure the fun can be shared with everyone. That means an Apple iOS user can be in the same game as a Windows PC player or a Google Android gamer. This way, friends will be able to have Lego adventures together, without having to exclude those who lack a particular platform.

Improvements have been made to the gameplay after the original F2P game didn’t catch on, so the game now boasts a voiced narrative along with a number of cinematics and scripted enhancements.

Fans of the Lego franchise will be able to download “Lego Minifigures Online” for $4.99, with additional worlds being available through in-app purchases (IAPs) for mobile devices. The PC version costs $29.99 and will have all the worlds right away. The game will be available Monday for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and for iOS and Android devices.

LEGO Minifigures Online Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameNewsOfficial)