Football players are big dudes, pumping iron and pounding protein shakes to gain weight, especially skill position players like running backs.


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And, you can't break off too many 80-yard runs if you're built like a baby elephant. Ever see a 320 pound lineman pick up a loose ball and stumble 10-yards, before being tackled by a 180 pound safety.

That's why chronically chunky Tennessee Titans running back Lendale White quit drinking to cut his weight in preparation for the 2009 season.

Lendale lost more than 30 pounds this offseason, entering training camp at his slimmest weight--he reports at 228 pounds. Last year, Lendale weighed as much as 265 pounds, and had trouble hitting the holes.

He blames his tequila habit.

So, following a disappointing loss to the Baltimore Ravens, knocking the Titans out of last year's playoffs, Lendale stopped drinking, and the weight started falling off.

With his new found slimness, Lendal is running faster and expects big things from himself this season.

Eh, I don't know. If you draft him in Fantasy Football, you know he'll be handcuffed to Chris Johnson--annoying.

Via Titans Online.