I cannot really find any news to explain why Lennar (LEN) is spiking today ... but we don't really need news in this type of environment.  Almost every stock is a winner, just buy and wait for your day to hit the jackpot. 

As I search the intertubes, this seems to be the only explanation:

Call options on the homebuilding company are in high demand this morning with shares of Lennar Corp. trading higher by 4.75% to $18.10 as of 10:45 am (ET). Near-term bullish investors coveted 4,200 now in-the-money call contracts at the April $18 strike for an average premium of $0.20 apiece. Optimistic individuals long the calls stand prepared to profit if Lennar’s shares rally through the average breakeven share price of $18.20 ahead of expiration day on Friday.

Bullish sentiment spread to the higher May $19 strike where 2,900 call options were picked up for an average premium of $0.45 per contract. Lennar’s shares must increase at least 7.45% over the current value of $18.10 in order for investors to make money above the average breakeven share price of $19.45.

Finally, uber-bullish individuals purchased 1,300 calls at the May $20 strike for an average premium of $0.25 each. Investors long the May $20 strike calls profit if the homebuilding firm’s shares rally 11.9% to exceed the breakeven point on the calls at $20.25 by May expiration day.  The surge in demand for call options on Lennar Corp. boosted the stock’s overall reading of options implied volatility 9.8% to 45.89% in the early hours of the trading session.