Rocker Lenny Kravitz definitely strutted his stuff -- or package -- when he performed his “Strut Tour” show in Stockholm Monday night. The world discovered his undergarment preferences when his tight leather pants burst open. Suffice it to say, it seems the “Fly Away” singer does not like to wear underwear.

The image of the 51-year-old’s manhood went viral on Twitter, and of course GIFs were sure to follow. There were also plenty of puns about his Johnson wanting to "get away," because it’s obviously too easy to pass up. We would show you the image, but our editors might get upset. For inquiring minds, a simple Google search will probably suffice.

To add to the hilarity, Kravitz just so happened to be performing “Fly Away” when the wardrobe malfunction occurred. His pants could not contain him, and when he bent down he exposed his pork and beans to thousands of fans at Grona Lund, which is Stockholm’s biggest theme park.

Kravitz left the stage after the gaffe. When he returned with new trousers, he apologized to the crowd, Us Weekly wrote.

Some fans thought the snafu was hysterical. “I killed myself laughing. And then I called my mum, who was there at the show as well. Her reaction was the same and she almost killed herself laughing, too,” an audience member told Expressen newspaper. “It was insane.”

One of the fans who captured the incident, Magnus Goethe, didn't mind the wardrobe malfunction and tweeted that it was a great show. “Lenny live tonight in Stockholm. Awesome show. He ripped his pants during the first song,” Goethe wrote.

Kravitz has not issued a statement about the blunder, but it didn’t seem as though it bothered him. He posted several pictures from the concert that showed him waving his guitar in front of the crowd. “Thank you, Stockholm,” he shared.

Before heading back to the U.S., Kravitz is slated to perform in Gothenburg, Sweden. Let’s hope he doesn’t-- or does-- go commando this time around.

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