Lenovo Group, the world's fourth-largest computer maker, is planning to expand its PC market outside Asia, including the Middle East and Turkey.

Worrying that the US's economic recession will threaten spending on the technology industry, Lenovo hopes to enter into the countries with relatively low penetration of computer use.

Huang Weiming, Lenovo's Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, told reporters at conference in Dubai that the company has the ability to carry out a large-scale acquisition, and can also finance through issuing stocks or bonds, but he did not provide further details.

Gulf countries produce one fifth of the global oil. The economies of those countries are developing fast as oil prices up for four times since 2002.

Lenovo hopes that company's expansion in the four countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - can make greater contributions to revenue said Huang.

Merrill Lynch has raised Lenovo's stock rating from neutral to buy since the company announced that it had sold out its mobile phone unit this January.