China's Lenovo has demonstrated a new technology that will let smartphones project a display on a wall, board or any vertical/horizontal surface, according to TechPP.

Known as Smart Cast, Lenovo says the technology is world’s first laser projection smartphone technology. This technology reportedly features an in-built Pico projector, in addition to a gesture-based control system and a kick-stand.

Users can twist the projector module to make the handset project the display on a flat horizontal surface. Thereby, the display contents will also be projected on the flat surface. By doing so, users can interact with the projection as though it is the actual display.

For instance, this Lenovo Smart Cast can project the keyboard on a flat surface or table so that the user can type on, notes GSM Arena. On the other hand, the device can also project the entire screen so that one can play games by not using the mini screen of the phone, but via the zoomed projection.

Lenovo has not announced any smartphone with this new technology thus far. 

Meanwhile, interested readers can check out the Lenovo Smart Cast technology showcasing the first laser projector on a smartphone: (Credit: YouTube/Lenovo)