I get a hard time from my husband's co-workers -- especially on rainy days and all winter long. That's because he bikes to work every day, even in inclement weather, while our car stays home sitting in the driveway.

They think I'm mean, mean, mean. But in reality, he just likes to ride his bike.

But, he's a minority in our country.

A survey of 2,364 young adults in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study found that just 16.7 percent of them walked, or biked any portion of their commute.

However, for those who did the results were worth the extra effort. Here's what the study authors found:

Active commuting was positively associated with fitness in men and women and inversely associated with body mass index, obesity, triglyceride levels, blood pressure and insulin level in men.

If you think about it, it's really a perfect solution for busy people who think they don't have time to exercise, but spend minutes or hours every day stuck in traffic. In fact, my husband often finds he gets to work faster by bike than by car. And that daily exercise commitment really pays off.

Not everyone lives in bikeable/walkable neighborhood, or has a reasonable commute to work. But there are ways around that. For instance, you could park your car on the way to work and ride the rest of the way. Some people get off the subway several stops early, walking into work that way.

Walkers and bikers alike have to watch for risks like traffic, dogs, and inclement weather. Learn more about safe bicycle commuting from Paul Dorn, whose ideas are also good for walkers. Or visit Bicycle Safety Tips, for some lessons that go further than normal safety guidelines.

Do you walk or bike to work? If not, what stops you?