It seems Google is a little tipsy! You see... no matter which part of the world you're in, Google is showering snow on everyone.

No... we aren't goofing off.

Check out Google's Easter Eggs for the Christmas season - a decorative flurry of snowflakes that covers your screen when you search Let it snow on


Google Easter egg drops frost the screen

The search results, not including the snowy surprise, include a list of treat items and carols - Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra's Let it Snow, Let it Snow. Furthermore, if you leave the screen unattended for a few minutes, it begins to frost over.

If you wish to resume using the computer, simply click on the defrost button made available or just click and drag the mouse pointer across the screen to wipe it away. However, if you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, you could try writing your name on the frosty screen!

Another cool Easter egg - type askew in the search bar and the screen tilts to one side. It may not be as cool as snow on your computer screen but it is worth a try.

Google Easter eggs are nothing new though. A popular one, since early November, was the barrel roll trick - type do a barrel roll in the search bar and the screen takes a complete 360-degree tumble before your eyes.

These playful tricks make the festive season even more exciting.

Here are some hilarious comments, from Twitter, made by users:

Search LET IT SNOW in Google. Touch tongue to screen. It'll stick like in A Christmas Story...Kidding! (You'll just get mercury poisoning.), tweeted Artemis Loud.

Sumit tweeted: I hate this Google, after every 15minutes my GF is asking me to search 'Let It Snow' and shouting 'aww: D it's so romantic.'

Spartan wrote @FlirtyJo I ordered snow online for the 23rd. Let's hope there is no delay in the delivery #HolidaySchedules.

Finally, another user, Carole Barrowman tweeted: Type 'Let it snow' into Google. Watch your screen frost up. Same thing happens to my car windows. Somehow digitally it's way cooler.

It's a Google goodie for Christmas...

1. Type Let it Snow in Google Search Bar:


Google Easter Egg Drops frost the screen

2. Let it Frost Over


Google Easter egg drops frost the screen

3. Write Anything You Want or Defrost and Enjoy the Google Trick


Google Easter egg drops frost the screen