Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a hectic blur of chiffon, stilettos and red lipstick. With designers and stylists running around to outfit models to perfection, it is nearly impossible to keep everything running smoothly. A hem will tear. Wine will spill. Beading will come undone.

Though Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York is well under way, with four full days of fashion fetes left (plus some of the biggest shows on the calendar), further mishaps are more than likely to occur.

Breathe easy. Thanks to Madame Paulette, all of your last-minute Fashion Week emergencies can be fixed.

Madame Paulette, the world's leading custom couture cleaner for half a century, is at designers' beck and call. Madame Paulette has been working with designers during Fashion Week for the past 35 years, meeting all altering, cleaning and hand-finishing needs.

It is quite a useful service for a week of pure chaos. If you have ever been backstage at a fashion show, you will know that there is not one single hand to spare. Madame Paulette can be that extra hand.

This year, her service comes with an added bonus -- stylist Lauren Rae Levy. Levy, an in-house celebrity fashion stylist, will be on-site to assist with any and all fashion emergencies during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  From all-out crises to last-minute creative modifications, Levy will help mend any predicament. Accessories by Commando will also be available if an outfit is in need of some extra ornamentation.

IBTimes got the chance to chat with Levy about her career as a celebrity stylist. If there is anyone you would want at your side during a fashion emergency, it's her.

Levy lives her life by the motto: Your best accessory is your confidence. People can actually wear their confidence. So wear it like you would wear an accessory. You have to wear it.

Your best accessory is your confidence. Anything that I can do that teaches people to wear that well is my favorite, she said. The whole thing is when I was working at Scoop ... when I was 17 years old, I called my mom after work one of my first days and I said 'Mom, I made this lady feel so good today.' She literally came the next day and found me to tell me that she had the best night of her life because she never felt so good. The fact that I had the ability to make somebody feel that way was the most rewarding thing I had ever felt in my life.

Even today, with her hectic schedule and burgeoning Rolodex, the fashion guru still finds time to call her clients after an event.  She has even been known to wake up at 4 a.m. just to do a Google search and see how the night went. Because I care so much I will think about it in my sleep. I actually care. It's not just a job. It's my love.