LG Electronics ((KRX:066570) pulled a prank on some job applicants who had come to its office in Chile for an interview by making them believe that their city was hit by a meteor shower.

The prank was devised to promote the company’s 82-inch ‘Ultra HD’ TV, and highlight how life-like the images on the display screen were, the Daily Mail reported.

A video of the interview, which has been uploaded on YouTube and viewed more than 1,509,000 times, shows four applicants -- two men and two women -- being interviewed for a job at the Korean consumer electronics company.

While the interview process begins innocently enough, with the interviewer shaking their hands and reading through their resumes, applicants start panicking when they notice that the cityscape outside the office begins to change.

The blue sky turns black, and soon, a meteor show causes an explosion. A power outage adds to the drama created by screaming interviewees, and their expressions are secretly recorded before they are informed that it was a prank.

Sadly, not everyone saw the funny side of the exercise, as an applicant is shown walking out in anger soon after the prank was revealed.

According to a Mashable report, the meteor shower video is the latest in a series of pranks the company came up with to market its products. The first video, which has been viewed nearly 20 million times since it came out last year, tricked people into thinking that the floor of an elevator was falling out.  

But, the report noted, the incident also begs the question whether the people featured in the video are real job candidates or actors.