LG Innotek’s Quick Wireless Charging Pad is going to change the perception of general consumers about wireless charging pads. For one thing, it is as quick as the traditional wired chargers out there that replenish depleted batteries in a few hours.

According to Digital Trends, LG did good in naming its new product the Quick Wireless Charging Pad, for it is a powerful charger that can rejuvenate flat batteries to 50 percent of their capacity in just 30 minutes. This is, of course, an exciting feat knowing that most of the wireless chargers are so slow, they require overnight charging to fully refuel empty batteries.

Since the LG Quick Wireless Charging Pad can fully recharge batteries in a matter of an hour, it is considered comparable to the fast wired chargers on the market. Given its speed in charging batteries, LG’s new product is undeniably faster than Samsung’s wireless charging pad that refuels the 3,000 mAh battery of the Galaxy S7 in two hours or more. 

Current charging pads have an output of around 5 watts. To ensure that its new wireless charging pad is faster, LG Innotek reportedly designed its wireless charging pad with an output of 15 watts — a first in the wireless charging pad industry, as per The Next Web.

The device is equipped with a special temperature sensor that regulates the flow of power to prevent the pad from overheating. By preventing the pad from heating up, the device also reduces the chances                                                                                                    of damaging smartphone batteries.

LG confirmed that the Quick Wireless Charging Pad supports all Qi-labeled devices. The company also assured consumers that the product has passed the standards set by the WPC, GSM Arena reports. 

LG’s new wireless charging pad is slated for release this month of October. It is reportedly arriving in North America, Europe, Australia in the middle of the month.