Li3 Energy Inc. is pursuing a business strategy of acquiring a significant portfolio of lithium brine deposits in the Americas to produce lithium to meet the rapidly growing demand for lithium by green energy industries. The company is identifying and acquiring properties in Chile, Peru, Argentina and the United States.

The company announced today the appointment of the following people as members of their Board of Directors, effective immediately: Kjeld Thygesen, Anthony Hawkshaw and Douglas Perkins. Li3 Energy expects these impressive new members of the board to aid in the company’s strategy to become a major global lithium mining company.

Kjeld Thygesen has been a director of Ivanhoe Mines (NYSE: IVN) and has over 30 years experience as a resource analyst and fund manager within the mining industry. In addition, he is a former manager of Rothchild’s commodity and natural resource department and in 1987 became an executive director of NM Rothchild & Sons International Assessment Management. In 1989, Mr. Thygesen co-founded Lion Resource Management, an investment manager in the mining and natural resources sector, where he is currently a managing director.

Anthony Hawkshaw has over 25 years experience in the mining industry and is the current CFO and a director of Rio Alto Mining. He has also been a director of Statesman Resources since 2006. Some of Mr. Hawkshaw’s experiences include being CFO of Grove Energy (2005-2007), Chariot Resources (2004), and Pan American Silver (1995-2003).

Douglas Perkins has worked for many industrial and geological start-up companies in a number of capacities. He has extensive experience on various geological company boards and has worked for several major mining companies as a consultant geologist. As a business consultant, he has been involved in diverse businesses ranging from industrial minerals to biofuels. During the last two years, Mr. Perkins managed geological projects for the company, including all aspects of exploration in Yukon, British Columbia, Peru, Panama and the United States.