Liberty Energy Corp., – the independent oil and gas firm focusing on innovation and strategic positioning to support US energy infrastructure via sourcing and utilization of domestic and European reserves, announced the appointment of 35-year marketing industry veteran, Resultz Media Group (RMG), as the Company’s investment relations (IR) partner.

On the basis of one-year auto-renewal terms, the agreement calls for RMG to handle all the IR, from public relations and marketing initiatives to shareholder inquiries, broker presentations, communications support, and the preparation/dissemination of internal corporate data packages (unless otherwise terminated due to breach of terms).

Comprised of three companies focusing on distinct segments of the business – Capital, Management Consulting and IR –RMG has vast experiential knowledge and a strong network of relationships which directly translate into the capacity to deliver market efficiency and shareholder value to its clients.

President and CEO of LBYE, Mr. Ian Spowart, promised to issue an update to the investment community as more news materializes regarding this plan to demonstrate (to the community as a whole) the clear direction and sound strategy this move represents.

Managing Partner at RMG, Ryan P. Mendonca, pledged first-class performance in business relationships, consultations and all interactions with client partners (for which RMG is renowned) to the cause of fully satisfying the requirements to nurture a long-term and mutually beneficial growth-focused relationship between the two companies.

Mendonca emphatically stated the driving principle, which stands behind the excellent reputation of the firm, that the client’s needs, goals and ultimate fruition are always first priority.

From its Houston, Texas, HQ, the dynamic LBYE has been reaching out to sign lease and royalty agreements both in its native Texas and, more recently, in Bulgaria, where the Company has acquired royalty rights to the A-Lovech exploration block, a high-quality 1M+ acre natural gas site. In Texas, sites consist of Dahlstrom, Ratliff and two locations at Lockhart Northeast, all showing rich resource tables with multiple pay zones.