The Government of Libya declared today, in a surprising move, a ceasefire, as the Libyan Government confirmed that this decision is aimed to protect the civilians, noting this decision came following the U.N. Security Council gathered in New York yesterday and unanimously agreed a decision for a no-fly zone on Libya, where ten countries voted for the decision, while five countries abstained to vote including Brazil, Germany, India, China, and Russia, while no one voted against the decision.

Moreover, Libya announced after that decision by its Foreign Minister Moussa Kusa, confirming the Libya's decision includes halting all the military operations around the country, as a commitment to the decision of the UN Security Council, noting that Gaddafi's troops did bomb many cities yesterday which became strongholds of the rebels after the voting decision, especially the city of Masratah west of the country.

It's worth mentioning that the international community have started moving towards executing the decision of the Security Council, noting that crude oil prices dropped by $2 after Libya's announcement to reach $100.79 at 12:58 EST, knowing that oil traded earlier today at $102.68 levels a barrel, reaching a high of $103.49 a barrel and a low of $100.33 a barrel.