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Thank grandma for reaching into her enormous purse and handing out licorice candies.

A new study claims licorice oil boosts weight-loss, and may help with weight management and prevent metabolic syndrome.

But, you can't just sit around all day popping licorice nips. It doesn't work like that.

Published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, researchers believe licorice oil boosts energy expenditure at a cellular level, resulting in a drop in body fat and weight.

Compared to a placebo group, study participants who took licorice oil, lost more body fat and weight, and scientists believe the weight-loss was not associated with any reduction in the amount people ate.

Scientists say in order for licorice oil to work you need to choke down 900 mg each day, get some exercise, and cut calories.

Put that in your licorice pipe and smoke it!

Via Nutra Ingredients.