Wow, what a sports weekend! Yet another choke by a Cleveland sport team (guess we can add that to the great moments in Cleveland sports history), the Buckeyes (do I hear angels singing?) defended their top ranking, and my Bengals finally moved into the win column. Lost in all the baseball madness, Tom Brady worshipping, and college football fun may be news that Rick Reilly is leaving Sports Illustrated (which is a subsidiary of Time Warner [TWX]) for the worldwide leader in sports (a.k.a. ESPN, which is a subsidiary of Disney [DIS]). As the article notes, Reilly will basically be switching positions with Dan Patrick, who left ESPN and has since been hired to write a column for Sports Illustrated.

Now, does this signal the final salvo in the demise of magazines? I doubt it, but the loss of Reilly is a major blow for Sports Illustrated, and subsequently TWX. Honestly, his article and the pictures were the only reason to read Sports Illustrated, so subscribers are now stuck with reading Peter King (a decent writer) and ogling the yearly swimsuit edition. Now that Reilly is gone, I am glad that I let my subscription expire when the sports magazine declared both West Virginia and Louisville better than the Buckeyes (angels, again? Anyone else hear them?) before the football season started. Honestly, this is the biggest loss for Sports Illustrated since canceling Bill Scheft's The Show. Let me ask the question again; is the exodus of Reilly the end of magazines? No. Is it the end of Sports Illustrated? Probably not, but we can dream, right?