LifeVantage, a science-based nutraceutical company, today highlighted a recent article published in the scientific journal Enzyme Research involving Protandim, the company’s dietary supplement for the reduction of oxidative stress.

The review was conducted and funded by researchers at Louisiana State University to examine Protandim’s® ability to suppress tumors in mice.

The study involved a mouse two-stage model of chemically induced skin cancer, reviewing the comparison of Protandim’s® believed mechanism of action with data taken from similar studies. The article’s authors conclude that oxidative stress forms a link between cell proliferation, inflammation, and apoptosis, suggesting that antioxidant inducers have the potential of being used with conventional chemotherapeutics.

“LifeVantage greatly appreciates the continuing academic interest in Protandim® shown by researchers such as Dr. Zhao and his colleagues. This scholarly contribution underscores the current value and future potential with which Protandim® is being viewed by the biomedical research community, particularly with regard to health conditions associated with oxidative stress,” Douglas Robinson, LifeVantage CEO stated in the press release.

While the company acknowledges that results of certain animal testing do not necessarily translate into similar results for human subjects, it did note that the data shows potential in the ability to greatly reduced oxidative stress, which may provide the same results in human subjects.

LiveVantage also noted that Protandim is currently the subject of approximately 20 scientific studies at universities and research facilities.

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