After revealing her pregnancy during an appearance at The Blonds Fashion Week runway show on Feb. 12, rapper Lil' Kim is now gushing about the upcoming birth of her first child. 

Speaking with Us Weekly at the The Blonds Fashion Week after-party, the 39-year-old rapper said she is happily making adjustments to her trademark outfits just for her bundle of joy. 

"I can't wear corsets and all my favorite sexy clothes [anymore]. But it's a very beautiful thing and I'm so thrilled," she told Us. She also shared her newest wardrobe staple since becoming pregnant. "Sweats, my comfy pajamas, but mainly my comfy loose fitting sweats, but you know they're cute."

Pizza is another addition to her list of pregnancy loves, with the Queen Bee saying she can't get enough of the treat. "Pizza! Everyday Pizza!" she said. "A lot of vegetable pizza, because before I didn't eat vegetable pizza as much, but now I'm craving the vegetables."

And if you are worried that her rhymes might slip after she finally delivers her little one, Lil' Kim reassured fans that her baby is only going to make her work harder. "I'm still going to be hardcore. This baby has made me even more of a beast!" she said. 

"My doctor is helping me through everything with being healthy and I feel so good right now. I'm still going to work. I'm going to be a working mom! New music and all that."

Friends and fans of the rapper have been congratulating Lil' Kim since news of the pregnancy first broke. She's remained mum about the father of the child. But her rumored boyfriend Floyd Mayweather, her confirmed ex boyfriend Scott Storch and New York rapper Mr. Papers have all been named as possible dads by fans on Twitter.