Lil' Wayne's first single off new rock album Prom Queen is set to released on a live stream from Wayne's Myspace page on January 27 at San Diego.While,'Rebirth' Rock album release is due on April 7, according to MTV.

Wayne's reps have told numerous sources that his popular album series of The Carter, which has fans awaiting Tha Carter III has nothing at all to do with his upcoming Rebirth album release.

Wayne's move to a rock'n'roll sound isn't surprising, considering he often plays guitar at his concerts and has aligned himself with new rock artist Kevin Rudolf. He appears on the latter's debut single, Let It Rock, He's also appeared on pop rock sensation Fall Out Boy's latest album 'Folie a Deux' on the song, 'Tiffany Blews.

As previously reported, Lil Wayne will perform Feb. 8 at the 51st annual Grammy Awards.