Lil Yachty’s latest tweets may once again get the young rapper in trouble with hip-hop fans. On Wednesday morning, Lil Yachty found an old tweet from Twitter user @GUNNERSELLWHITE that read: “Lil Yachty the new Nas.”

The “1 Night” rapper responded to the tweet by saying, “Ion wanna be Nas, I wanna be rich.” Lil Boat then quoted the tweet and wrote, “I love this tweet for the simple fact of how mad it will make old people.”

Psychic can now be added to Lil Yachty’s résumé because a day later, Hot 97 radio personality, “Old Man” Ebro Darden, caught wind of the tweet and responded. “The #Troll is apart [sic] of who these new rappers are… I wish #bars and great music were too.”

Yachty, 18, noticed Ebro’s tweet and quickly responded, poking fun at Ebro’s age. “Godddd [sic] I was waiting on u Gpa ebro how ya doing take ur meds and drink coffee this morning?”

After another Twitter user poked fun at Ebro’s age, the radio personality wished the “kids” the best in their future endeavors.

The Twitter beef between Lil Yachty and Ebro is not the first time the two have feuded publicly. In July, after Lil Yachty released a song called “For Hot 97,” Ebro blasted the song, saying it featured “high school a-- bars.”

Lil Yachty had no problem with Ebro’s tweet at first but then quickly changed his mind. “You know ion give a f--- about s---. But you actin like that 60 year old that never leave the barbershop, stop it,” Yachty tweeted. “Actually... F--- hot 97,” he continued.